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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Since I consider my books as my children, I can say now my work is complete.
Luna Mar, first edition, was edited due to being  enrolled on an indie authors contest.  As part of the rules, “offensive” scenes to readers weren't allowed.
But now the contest is ended and I can publish the whole version (Spanish Edition).  It is available on now.
I am really excited about all the process, and also satisfied. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy this edition because these scenes (4 more chapters) really  gives a necessary dimension to the romance between Brigitte and PJ.
To those asking me the date of the English Edition release, working on it, guys! I will tell you as soon as I have the right information, because there are several tentative dates on the table.

Challenges on writing and everything else!

Sometimes we must to push ourselves in order to get results. Doubts are in every step on the way because… is nature human. Learning to manage it, is a challenge inside the challenge. But is very gratifying, when you make it, see the process and be a little proud of yourself. 
When I am writing, the sensation of being between two worlds, feeling trapped for the one of the story I am writing and at the same time aware to be surrounded by the real one. Is fascinating and demanding as well. So unique experience! Also is a bless to me.

Introducing me!

My name is Breeze Marturell and this Blog is mainly about my work as writer. Also, is about art, in any form. About the beauty in the planet, that we found often lost in the daily routine. Is about to remember that earth is a beautiful place to live if we just take care of it. Thanks for being around. I would like to hear your opinion about the blog!